1st post

The moon looks down to a heart filled with sorrow

to a soul so broken, so scared of facing the uncertain tomorrow

as the wind kisses my bare skin and whispers the promises of love and peace

my life so harried by harried by my search for worldly bliss

my journey has given me scars, memories and broken promises

promises made by ones whose mere absence used to fill me with fear

I remember the days spent under  the sun, now lost as the darkness calls to me

and finally i go undone

i break

i lose myself

i perish under the uncaring reign of this cruel and malevolent world 


always longing

yearning for times lost, and love that could never be

grasping for those memories 


longingly hoping for those to stay with me

I do not want to pass through the world unremembered

please call my name

please do not let me be

a specter

a shadow

a mere whisper of the wind 

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