Human beings are social animals by nature, we love to spend our time with people

We hunger attention, and crave for affection. No one wants to spend his time alone

Especially us teenagers, we do our best to fit in, to go with the flow

To try and get friends, we want to have that sense of belongingness, we dread to be labeled as outcast, weirdoes or people who don’t really fit in any social cliques

These are the people who get bullied, shunned by others for being different

they are the ones who are teased , critized for the way they talk or the way they dress

These are the people who think of schools not as an environment conducive to learning but as a place of torment

A place where their peers ridicule them for being unique and different

Every single one of us has witnessed an act of bullying, sometimes we’re even the ones who are the bullies

Most of us try to justify our teasing by saying that we’re still young, we keep on repeating that all we’re doing is just for fun

Don’t get me wrong having fun is important, but what’s wrong is having fun at the expense of someone else.

To laugh at a movie is one thing, but to laugh while a person is being teased in front of you is shameful

To hit a punching bag for exercise is a good thing, but hitting a person for fun is stupid and immature

Life is not a big joke, often times we forget that the person we’re laughing at is also a human being, he/she deserves respect

We don’t have any right to ridicule a person for being different, but rather we most applaud them for having the “BALLS” to not bow down to peer pressure, to not be a mindless follower to the norm

We must remember that being different is not a bad thing

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