The fire in my soul burns true

It burns for my pride as a Filipino

the same as you

It fills me with warmth, not even the sun could contend

For the love i feel for my country is true, there is no need to pretend

But, alas the fire of patriotism does not burn in everyone, some act like they have them

But what they posses is something more bitter

It is the fire of greed, urging them on to prosper

Even if the price is harming others

They are full of avarice,their hunger impossible to sate

Like a leech they feed on our human spirit

Weathering it

Trampling it

Willing it to break

But their mission will one day prove in vain

for in the words of Ninoy

A hero of this age

“I only have my indomitable spirit”

And in the end

When the sun sets on our dear country

Let us hope that we realize,that an indomitable spirit is all we need



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