i read something that was really cool, it was a poem a real short one
but the meaning it has is sooo complex HAHAHA 🙂
i think this just proves, that quality is not in the length but in the effect it has on the people who read it 🙂

When i was young the world never frowned
The sun gave me warmth and smiled at me from up above
Everyone cared for me, hugged me and looked at me with love
But now I wonder what happened to me
What curse took away all the kindness in the world around me
All I see now is people living life miserably, leaders lying to you and me
What happened to the love i felt, a love that never asked for anything
A love borne from kindness, a love i considered a gift from above
Why are we now so filled with hate
Yes we grew up
Yes we matured
But we also forgot how to give things, without asking for anything in return
To give hugs just because we want to. to give kisses and show our affection without care
Maybe some of us still remember
Maybe just scared to show
Scared to act differently from others
Scared to be teased for our childish manners
I pray that before i die
I wish to be able to smile, and laugh
just like when I was a child

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