The night is young, and my spirit yearns to be free 

I’m tired of the drama, the plays and the humorless comedies 

I’m sick of being surrounded by shallow and noisy rivers, longing for silence and peace among others

The noise around me is deafening like drums banging and cymbals crashing

The people around me seek attention, throwing hurtful words around without fear of its complications

Around me pain and suffering happen every day, tears flow unending like the dreary pouring rain 

Is this the world we leave behind, is this the world the future inherits from us 

A world full of pain and misery, a world full of spiteful and insecure people

Do we teach them to give genuine compliments, not shallow flattery?

Do we teach them jealousy and selfishness or do we leave them with true ideals

I wish people would see the light, i hope that we understand this simple truth

We’ve fallen to depravity

We’re slowly losing our humanity

When will we welcome change, and learn acceptance

Will we wait until all we hold dear is lost?

Or do we change now, and become better  


hahaaa :))



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