A physicist decries “quantum woo”

Why Evolution Is True

You may recall the bizarre “Biocentrism” theory of Dr. Robert Lanza, which I’ve discussed before (here, and here, for instance). I’ve also consulted Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll, who pronounced biocentrism pretty much a crock. If you want Lanza’s scholarly explanation of biocentrism (and take a Pepto-Bismol first), read this piece he wrote for The American Scholar (shame on that journal!).

Surprisingly, Lanza is a medical doctor and researcher at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, and has some solid scientific accomplishments under his belt. So it’s hard to understand why he’s fallen sway to a woo-laden theory that assures, us, based on quantum physics and the Mystery of Consciousness, that death is merely a figment of our imagination and that, because of the Observer Phenomenon, life creates the universe.

Biocentrism is a baff-gabbley gemisch of nonsense, and one physicist has gotten fed up…

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