Love is this something we really understand ? or are we just grasping at other peoples definitions and claiming them as our own. We go into relationships thinking that we’ll find love,only to get our hearts broken by these supposedly potential partners. After getting our hearts broken, we become bitter and resentful , we start being numb and wary of falling, some of us even end up dying alone and virtually unloved

I am a romantic, I believe in happy endings and relationships that last. I don’t believe in feeling butterflies in my tummy or seeing sparks in the air when you meet that someone, i believe that a good and happy relationship should start from being friends and end up being married to each other. I regret the fact that now in our society ,we love to do things fast and impulsively that’s probably why the relationships we see today are like fireworks they last long enough for one big explosion then they fizzle out and disappear leaving shallow memories that most people remember with bright flashing lights and loud and disturbing sounds. i’d rather have a relationship that’s akin to the sun, it’s always there when you need it and though it is repetitive  and somewhat ordinary , It is CONSTANT. And honestly that’s what i want in a relationship. I want a partner that will be a constant in my life, a person who will serve as a steady source of light that provides warmth and a sense of security in my life, and though the sun may set everyday i can always count on it to be there when i wake up.




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