I love Pokemon, i grew up watching the show, collecting the cards and memorizing the numerous Pokemon names and their evolutions. Yes it is childish but it has a myriad of morals that a child can absorb and hopefully remember when they grow up. yes it may be fictional but the lessons I’ve learned from it are as true as ever. Pokemon has taught me the value of friendship,determination and the trust you must have in the people around and in yourself. The series has spawned numerous stories,games and merchandise. I’m happy and that the series is still progressing but i’m also saddened by the fact that it’s deviating to more absurd paths, anyways wherever the story goes i’ll still be thankful to this show and to the man who made it. Thanks for making my childhood awesome. I’ll always remember the things Ash Ketchum taught me, I’ll remember just how loyal pikachu is, and i’ll never forget Misty,Brock and all the characters that made the story as wonderful as it is. ( though in my opinion alakazam still is the best pokemon ever)

Mr. Satoshi Tajiri




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