White walls i will miss you
Empty sheets of paper i bid you goodbye
To my ever reliable pen , thank you
And to my pillows, i’m sorry for leaving you..

White walls inside this small room
thank you for letting my imagination roam free
for letting me go to the moon and play with the stars
thank you for letting me forget, even if it’s just for a moment
how crippled, how broken i really am

Empty sheets of paper, in my big red notebook
thanks for listening to me , when no one cared to
thanks for letting me paint the world in hues of the brightest yellow
Thanks for never judging me, for never yelling at me whenever i do something wrong

To you my pen i’m reluctant to say goodbye, you gave my thoughts a sense of reality
you helped me write the words i could not say without stuttering
you broke the chains that held me in deep pain and solitude
you made my world bigger and better, and for that i thank you

Now to bid farewell to the ones closest to me
sorry my dear pillows if I forsake thee
But do not think for a moment that i am ungrateful, for every tear you caught that i let fall
So now i’ll stop for fear that i am too prosaic
but then again Thank you my pillows, for caring for me like a friend

Maybe you’ve noticed why i’m only seeing goodbye
To object that most people disregard and pass by
the answer to that is simple, for in my little room
in my life as a cripple, i have never once felt love from other people
most treat me with disdain but that’s better than being pitied. they forget that i have a heart that is stout and a mind that is unequaled.
but now they’ll never know just how brilliant i am
because now i’m giving in to deaths alluring call
a song to lay rest to my tired body
to my tired soul.



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