High school.. MEH

High school wasn’t that memorable for me, it was just a phase in my life albeit one that took four years to get through.  I wasn’t excited about meeting my barkadas or going out with my classmates and loitering around the city. I have nothing against the people who claim and glorify high school as “THE MOST MEMORABLE TIMES OF THEIR LIFE” for me  high school isn’t that special, i could even say it’s very dull and repetitive.

High school is the endless cycle of cleaning classrooms =>listening to  teachers=> eating lunch=> cleaning  classrooms=>listening to teachers=> cleaning  classrooms =>  home 🙂 repeat and rinse.

In high school  you start making connections with other people, connections that are not that really important, though there are those people who have really close friends but seriously in high school you meet hundreds of people but how many of those people do you still actually remember, and these close friends only develop because of their proximity and the length of time you spend with them ( 4 years in a box ? ) who wouldn’t establish connections with these people, heck if you were inside a box with only a cactus for company you’d still get attached to that cactus( Cast Away anyone ? 🙂 ). I’m not downplaying the importance of making “Friends” or the value of these “Friendships”, because there are really those who are lucky enough to meet and make genuine friends, friends that have your back and are willing to take a bullet for you.

Take a moment and reminisce about the amount of backbiting and intrigue present in the bumbling high school society, you’d be surprised on just how frequent backbiting, bullying and betrayals regularly occur ( keep in mind that the reason for these actions are petty and laughable) I mean participating in High school politics/ Drama can be as cut throat and treacherous as National Politics. You see people being ostracized for standing up to the people who’re considered as the alphas. you see just how cruel high school can be whenever you read suicide  stories, stories that lay bare on just how  snide comments and pranks have damaging effects on individuals whose only crime is being different. These people deserve better, but because of our limited minds and shallow perception of what is acceptable in high school we only pay little attention to their stories.

High school is really important not because it is the “best time of our life” but it serves as a representation of society, we get our first glimpse of what and how certain ideals are like in the real world in high school. It serves as our gateway, our initiation rite to life. So treasure your high school memories not only because you have good ones, but because you did not go into college as ignorant and pathetic individuals who have no grasp on how to interact with other sentient beings.



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