I’ve been trying to think of something to talk or rant about in my blog, but sadly my mind just doesn’t want to pump out ideas. Maybe i’m just too preoccupied with what’s happening in my life. I’ve always been a carefree individual, i never took things seriously and was never really aggressive in anything i did. But now it seems i’m at a crossroad , it feels as if life itself is telling me to get a move on and start being more active in the things around me. Maybe now i should grow up,Man up and be more mature in things. Maybe i’m to attached to certain things in my childhood or to people. 





The man who inspired a nation, a man who transcended the shallow misconception of a very bias society
he fought not only for his race, but also for those who face discrimination
a man who saved a nations pride, a man who broke the chains of human callousness
a man now looked upon as a LEGEND
a man whose humility overcame human heartlessness






The night is young, and my spirit yearns to be free 

I’m tired of the drama, the plays and the humorless comedies 

I’m sick of being surrounded by shallow and noisy rivers, longing for silence and peace among others

The noise around me is deafening like drums banging and cymbals crashing

The people around me seek attention, throwing hurtful words around without fear of its complications

Around me pain and suffering happen every day, tears flow unending like the dreary pouring rain 

Is this the world we leave behind, is this the world the future inherits from us 

A world full of pain and misery, a world full of spiteful and insecure people

Do we teach them to give genuine compliments, not shallow flattery?

Do we teach them jealousy and selfishness or do we leave them with true ideals

I wish people would see the light, i hope that we understand this simple truth

We’ve fallen to depravity

We’re slowly losing our humanity

When will we welcome change, and learn acceptance

Will we wait until all we hold dear is lost?

Or do we change now, and become better  


hahaaa :))


I’ve been reading some stuff about Norse mythology 🙂 there are a lot of interesting things in it 🙂 specially the Valkyrie 🙂

For so long you have tarried, for so long you have suffered
Battered by the test of time
Yet you stood head held high, pride intact
Abandoned you stood, wounded you fought
Alas your mortal time has ended
Rest now in the bosom of immortality
We welcome you hero to the mythical halls of Valhalla
In here we sing of your heroic deeds
We revel in your mighty victories
And in your defeats our tears were shed rest now for you are with the Valkyrie the immortal maidens
To brave men our hearts go
With honest deeds our affection gained
Rest now hero, for you are with the Valkyrie
The beautiful
The strong
The immortal

i read something that was really cool, it was a poem a real short one
but the meaning it has is sooo complex HAHAHA 🙂
i think this just proves, that quality is not in the length but in the effect it has on the people who read it 🙂

When i was young the world never frowned
The sun gave me warmth and smiled at me from up above
Everyone cared for me, hugged me and looked at me with love
But now I wonder what happened to me
What curse took away all the kindness in the world around me
All I see now is people living life miserably, leaders lying to you and me
What happened to the love i felt, a love that never asked for anything
A love borne from kindness, a love i considered a gift from above
Why are we now so filled with hate
Yes we grew up
Yes we matured
But we also forgot how to give things, without asking for anything in return
To give hugs just because we want to. to give kisses and show our affection without care
Maybe some of us still remember
Maybe just scared to show
Scared to act differently from others
Scared to be teased for our childish manners
I pray that before i die
I wish to be able to smile, and laugh
just like when I was a child


The fire in my soul burns true

It burns for my pride as a Filipino

the same as you

It fills me with warmth, not even the sun could contend

For the love i feel for my country is true, there is no need to pretend

But, alas the fire of patriotism does not burn in everyone, some act like they have them

But what they posses is something more bitter

It is the fire of greed, urging them on to prosper

Even if the price is harming others

They are full of avarice,their hunger impossible to sate

Like a leech they feed on our human spirit

Weathering it

Trampling it

Willing it to break

But their mission will one day prove in vain

for in the words of Ninoy

A hero of this age

“I only have my indomitable spirit”

And in the end

When the sun sets on our dear country

Let us hope that we realize,that an indomitable spirit is all we need




Human beings are social animals by nature, we love to spend our time with people

We hunger attention, and crave for affection. No one wants to spend his time alone

Especially us teenagers, we do our best to fit in, to go with the flow

To try and get friends, we want to have that sense of belongingness, we dread to be labeled as outcast, weirdoes or people who don’t really fit in any social cliques

These are the people who get bullied, shunned by others for being different

they are the ones who are teased , critized for the way they talk or the way they dress

These are the people who think of schools not as an environment conducive to learning but as a place of torment

A place where their peers ridicule them for being unique and different

Every single one of us has witnessed an act of bullying, sometimes we’re even the ones who are the bullies

Most of us try to justify our teasing by saying that we’re still young, we keep on repeating that all we’re doing is just for fun

Don’t get me wrong having fun is important, but what’s wrong is having fun at the expense of someone else.

To laugh at a movie is one thing, but to laugh while a person is being teased in front of you is shameful

To hit a punching bag for exercise is a good thing, but hitting a person for fun is stupid and immature

Life is not a big joke, often times we forget that the person we’re laughing at is also a human being, he/she deserves respect

We don’t have any right to ridicule a person for being different, but rather we most applaud them for having the “BALLS” to not bow down to peer pressure, to not be a mindless follower to the norm

We must remember that being different is not a bad thing

questo è il mio secondo messaggio

You have my heart, even if you don’t want it

I ask one thing in return , that is for you to keep it

You can choose to break it, smash it or bury it while it is still beating 

I don’t care because my heart is forever yours for the keeping

I know now what it feels to love in vain, to feel sorrow like a heavy pouring rain

But the pain i feel is bittersweet

For seeing you happy is enough to cure my sickness

Yes, I am sick

Sick of love for one who shall never be mine, my heart heavy with feelings

I long to share

My tongue bound by the words i long to say, my mind burdened with thoughts of what might life be

If it was shared by you and me


1st post

The moon looks down to a heart filled with sorrow

to a soul so broken, so scared of facing the uncertain tomorrow

as the wind kisses my bare skin and whispers the promises of love and peace

my life so harried by harried by my search for worldly bliss

my journey has given me scars, memories and broken promises

promises made by ones whose mere absence used to fill me with fear

I remember the days spent under  the sun, now lost as the darkness calls to me

and finally i go undone

i break

i lose myself

i perish under the uncaring reign of this cruel and malevolent world 


always longing

yearning for times lost, and love that could never be

grasping for those memories 


longingly hoping for those to stay with me

I do not want to pass through the world unremembered

please call my name

please do not let me be

a specter

a shadow

a mere whisper of the wind