Life is hard, that’s a fact that almost everybody can agree in, it is fraught with obstacles and distractions that make our life hard and very interesting, we go through the motions of everyday,meeting new people, learning new things and feeling a myriad of emotions that can either make or break our perception of how the day is going. Sometimes we go through significant events that help define us as a human being most of these are happy ones but sometimes we go through dreadful and devastating moments, moments that not only threaten to break our soul but ultimately make us long for doors of death just to seek solace. When these moments come, where should do we turn to ?

1. Religion
We should turn to our religion, simply because our life should be anchored to it. No matter what religion you practice or who your god is , it will still serve as a guiding light, a light that let’s you know what is right or wrong (according to each religions respective tenets and beliefs) it gives us a basic guide in what we should do in times wherein we feel like giving up on the world.You can always count on god to help you pull through the hardest times of your life, you can always count on him to give you solace and warmth whenever you feel like the world and everyone around you becomes so cold.Because a little prayer can be your salvation

Family is and always will be the most basic and trusty support system that the world has to offer(excluding dysfunctional families) these are the people who will always have your back, they won’t judge you, they won’t crucify you for your mistakes, rather they will help you become a better person.They will serve as you inspiration and your biggest fans.

3. Friend/Friends
They are the ones who you feel affinity with, they serve as the spice of your life and at often times serve as your staunchest supporters and biggest critics, they may disagree with you, they may even have heated arguments with you but in the end they will still back you up, whenever you need their help, but a word of caution to all, choose wisely the people you call your friends, for vipers lay within roses.

So if ever you feel like the world is closing in on you, whenever you feel as if everyone hates you turn to any of these three, and you’ll probably find comfort, because remember life is beautiful. cherish it.


Love is this something we really understand ? or are we just grasping at other peoples definitions and claiming them as our own. We go into relationships thinking that we’ll find love,only to get our hearts broken by these supposedly potential partners. After getting our hearts broken, we become bitter and resentful , we start being numb and wary of falling, some of us even end up dying alone and virtually unloved

I am a romantic, I believe in happy endings and relationships that last. I don’t believe in feeling butterflies in my tummy or seeing sparks in the air when you meet that someone, i believe that a good and happy relationship should start from being friends and end up being married to each other. I regret the fact that now in our society ,we love to do things fast and impulsively that’s probably why the relationships we see today are like fireworks they last long enough for one big explosion then they fizzle out and disappear leaving shallow memories that most people remember with bright flashing lights and loud and disturbing sounds. i’d rather have a relationship that’s akin to the sun, it’s always there when you need it and though it is repetitive  and somewhat ordinary , It is CONSTANT. And honestly that’s what i want in a relationship. I want a partner that will be a constant in my life, a person who will serve as a steady source of light that provides warmth and a sense of security in my life, and though the sun may set everyday i can always count on it to be there when i wake up.


I’ve been trying to think of something to talk or rant about in my blog, but sadly my mind just doesn’t want to pump out ideas. Maybe i’m just too preoccupied with what’s happening in my life. I’ve always been a carefree individual, i never took things seriously and was never really aggressive in anything i did. But now it seems i’m at a crossroad , it feels as if life itself is telling me to get a move on and start being more active in the things around me. Maybe now i should grow up,Man up and be more mature in things. Maybe i’m to attached to certain things in my childhood or to people. 




The man who inspired a nation, a man who transcended the shallow misconception of a very bias society
he fought not only for his race, but also for those who face discrimination
a man who saved a nations pride, a man who broke the chains of human callousness
a man now looked upon as a LEGEND
a man whose humility overcame human heartlessness






The night is young, and my spirit yearns to be free 

I’m tired of the drama, the plays and the humorless comedies 

I’m sick of being surrounded by shallow and noisy rivers, longing for silence and peace among others

The noise around me is deafening like drums banging and cymbals crashing

The people around me seek attention, throwing hurtful words around without fear of its complications

Around me pain and suffering happen every day, tears flow unending like the dreary pouring rain 

Is this the world we leave behind, is this the world the future inherits from us 

A world full of pain and misery, a world full of spiteful and insecure people

Do we teach them to give genuine compliments, not shallow flattery?

Do we teach them jealousy and selfishness or do we leave them with true ideals

I wish people would see the light, i hope that we understand this simple truth

We’ve fallen to depravity

We’re slowly losing our humanity

When will we welcome change, and learn acceptance

Will we wait until all we hold dear is lost?

Or do we change now, and become better  


hahaaa :))


I’ve been reading some stuff about Norse mythology 🙂 there are a lot of interesting things in it 🙂 specially the Valkyrie 🙂

For so long you have tarried, for so long you have suffered
Battered by the test of time
Yet you stood head held high, pride intact
Abandoned you stood, wounded you fought
Alas your mortal time has ended
Rest now in the bosom of immortality
We welcome you hero to the mythical halls of Valhalla
In here we sing of your heroic deeds
We revel in your mighty victories
And in your defeats our tears were shed rest now for you are with the Valkyrie the immortal maidens
To brave men our hearts go
With honest deeds our affection gained
Rest now hero, for you are with the Valkyrie
The beautiful
The strong
The immortal